AR/VR & Gamification Services

We specialize in AR/VR experiences and gamification solutions on various platforms likeHTC Vive, Oculus Rift,ARKit, ArCore & Google Cardboard. VR games and applications have the possible use cases in various industries to give new dimensions.AR games and apps are only limited by our imagination.

Education & Training

VR technology is transforming the methods of delivery in education and training. Students can learn through a fully immersive environment using VR headsets. Using AR technologies students can learn through real-life immersive simulations without worrying about consequences of making mistakes during training.

Travel & Tourism

AR can make it possible for travellers to take a virtual tour of a city even before going there with interactive travel guides, engaging travel games and augmented reality city tours.With virtual reality headsets and 3D mapping, actual places can be mapped out. People can then take virtual tours of museums, theme parks, national parks or other places anytime, anywhere.

Real State

VR can bring together a 360 degree view of photos and videos along with 3D rendered models to let home buyers view their future homes. VR development can transform old photos into amazing one.AR applications allows home buyers to visualize their future home in 3D from different angles, even allowing them to see how making changes to the interiors would make their home look like.

Automobile Sales

With AR/VR, automobile companies can create digital showrooms that can present innumerable model variants without actually having all the space that it can take. Customers can configure their cars and experience different model variants within the augmented space.


Using VR can be phenomenal to conduct trainings on complex lab, diagnostic and surgical equipment, simulating critical scenarios and procedures. Medical equipment are expensive, delicate and in certain cases hazardous. A small negligence can lead to bodily harm or equipment damage. With 3D or VR training, it’s now possible to train on completely intractable, real-life like machines which not only provide immersive experience but also monitors trainees’ performance for constant improvement.

Retails & E-commerce

AR is revolutionizing the retail and eCommerce space by bringing home the experience of trying a product or service with simply a mobile device in hand. Brands are using the power of virtual reality to engage today’s generation of shoppers by going beyond the flat world of 2D eCommerce. VR adds layers of data on products and services to make them come to life.

Enterprise Gamification Solutions

Accomplishing your desired business objectives and interacting with your audiences requires an out of the box concept to engage their attention. You have to come up with ways beyond traditional PowerPoint presentations or videos. Gamifying your interactions for your staff and stakeholders will only have positive benefits for your business.

At TriOops, one of the top game development companies in India, we offer complete solution for numerous domains including education, banking, oil & energy, pharmaceutical, heavy industry and automotive by gamifying the whole process or content that turns a boring subject into an interactive material.

Gamified elements include:

  • Badges
  • Leaderboards
  • Points or purchase-based rewards
  • Social interactions and sharing
  • Story and choose-your-own-adventure plots

Gamified elements include:

  • 1. Engagement: Gamification is one of the common terminologies regardless of what industry you belong to. It helps to increase customer engagement. Notably, when engagement goes high, constantly the rate of some other important metrics like, unique visitors, page views per visitors, time spent on site, frequency of visits, participation and conversation go up as well.
  • 2. Feedback: Feedback shows people how they are doing. For example, in most corporate training programs, users don’t receive any real-time feedback, but in our corporate gamification services we use the points or badges that get updated as the users start playing. Importantly, we show learners their progress which spurs them to work on their flaws. Collecting the feedback from the users also actually helps to solve the business issues. It helps to figure out where we can improve in our business and we never miss out on this.
  • 3. Raise productivity: In a corporate setting, by gamifying your system based on specific activities within your business module, employees get encouraged to accomplish those tasks in your desired order.
  • 4. Positive ROI Impact: Since Gamification can lead to behavioural change, it can build performance improvements that impact ROI for organizations.
  • 5. Interactive and fun: As it increases interaction with enhanced UX it will be much preferred by general public.
  • 6. Motivates everyone: Employees get recognition based on their improvement, and are rewarded for completing gamified training and development tasks, and many more. The important point is Gamification can provide clear progress reports to everyone.
  • 7. Examples: The simple example of this project you can see in Facebook having lots of games in its platform and Nike also built Nike+ platform to engage more fitness enthusiasts in an appealing manner.